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Answers To Questions

1. How should I price my house?

I use several factors to assess value.  First, I compare the number of homes of similar character, style, amenities and location. I also compare your home to homes that have sold within the average DOM (how many days since a piece of real estate was listed for sale). Next I evaluate the active competition, again based on homes of similar style, age, locations and amenities. Your property’s State Equalized Value (SEV), which reflects about half of your homes fair market value, is also part of the mix. Last, but not least, I take into consideration your motivation for selling (downsizing, relocating, upsizing, etc.).  Then it’s time to position your home where it will best sell in the shortest amount of time.

2.  Should I remodel before I list my home?

In most cases, the answer is YES. Fixing and/or replacing "substantial impact" items are a must.  I will objectively access your situation and make suggestions as to what will best help your house to sell. The focal points generally are the kitchen and baths, with primary consideration given to the master bath.  Sometimes there are simple things that can be done like basic cleaning, painting, removing wallpaper, staging with the use of plants, or hanging some attractive artwork. In some cases home furnishings need to be a consideration.  In all cases, I can help you assess the cost of remodeling vs. the potential return on those expenses (and how they can ultimately impact the sale price). 

3.  With so many homes on the market, what will it take to sell my house?

Shoot to be a level above the competition. Make sure your house is spotless and not cluttered. Research and personal experience has shown that homes that smell clean and fresh are more attractive to buyers. Put your personal items away and paint where needed. Seriously consider staging your home.  I have seen staging sell homes in a matter of weeks that have been on the market for a year. One thing often overlooked is the front door. Make sure yours is recently painted and in good shape. If not, replace it. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to make a good first impression. Curb appeal is also important– park across the street from your home and be hypercritical of how your home appears to a stranger seeing it for the first time. Initial impressions carry a lot of weight in this process.

4.  Is this a good time to sell or should I wait?

This is a great time to sell.  Interest rates are at an all-time low, and buyers are looking for good values.  If home values continue to go down, interest rates will go up (as predicted) and the lending requirements will become more stringent. Buyers will be thinned out causing an increase in inventory and less demand.  I believe the longer you wait to sell the harder it will be.

5.  Does my house have the WOW factor? What is the WOW factor?

The WOW factor is literally when a buyer walks into your home and says, "WOW." Does your home emanate style and character? What kind of condition is it in? Is it neat and orderly? Does it “sparkle”? Be critical and ask yourself– What kind of experience is a stranger going to have when they walk through the front door? How will they “feel” about the house? Sometimes it can be achieved with color, sometimes with furnishings. Your home needs to convey high-end quality, whether it is or not. Architects think in terms of the entrance experience, the flow from one room to the next, and how all factors work together in harmony. In some cases it’s worth paying an architect to discuss what can be done to create a WOW factor without investing a lot of money.

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact me. I am here to help you through the buying and selling process.