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With over 700 realtors in the Traverse City area, how do you discover the right one for you? How do you find a really good realtor that understands the real value of waterfront properties and condos, knows how to sell your home quickly, and can find your dream home at the right price? You just have. Beccy Janis is one most consistent top sellers and successful real estate agents in Traverse City.

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As a Traverse City realtor, homeowner, and real estate investor, I love finding homes for people moving to Northern Michigan. I want to help you find the perfect Traverse City home to fulfill your dreams. If you are looking for Traverse City homes for sale, or selling your existing home and looking for a waterfront home or farm in the area, please contact me with any questions you may have about land values, great properties that have been recently reduced in price, waterfront second homes and condos, and investment real estate. Feel free to type your questions in the box below and I will answer them. Thank you for your interest in Traverse City Real Estate!

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